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New Book: Bridal Hairdresser Provides the Solution to Calm Wedding Morning Nerves

A distraught bride's last minute hair stylist 'no-show' lead Helen Tozer, a Somerset based hairdresser, to start a new business by chance. Her experience over the following years inspired her to write a self-help book for brides.

Ilminster, Somerset, 11 July 2010
- What every bride wants at the start of her wedding day is a way to remain calm and to be able to control her stress levels. Typically she will be anxious about the weather, family members getting on with each other, and walking down the aisle. Helen Tozer, Somerset based bridal hair specialist believes that she has the answers to stress reduction in her new book, released this month.

When a local bride was let down at the last minute by her hairdresser, Helen Tozer was called in to save the day. Word of Tozer's skills soon spread and she was approached by other brides to style their wedding day hair; resulting in a new business for her, without any intention of setting one up.

Based on her experience of over 150 wedding mornings, Tozer realised that most brides were not prepared for the run-up to the big day. She listed over 100 tips and snippets of advice to help brides to get organized, learn to relax and stay calm. Her function as a mobile hairdresser means that she is usually first on the scene at the wedding morning preparations, and often the last to leave. During each assignment Tozer often found herself drawn into the mix of family emotions and asked to solve problems arising from the preparation mayhem.

With so many brides in need of calming and soothing, Helen Tozer began to formulate her own plan of attack to help even the most organized of brides to get ready on time; resulting in a composed and prepared mental state.

Helen Tozer's book '100 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Morning' offers concise tips for quick and easy reference. Featured on her website www.bridalhairbyhelen.co.uk and printed in full colour, with sections relating to topics such as hair, make-up, timings and relaxation, the book is a hand-bag sized ready reference.

Tozer wrote the book at the request of her brides. "Many of my brides were unprepared for their actual wedding morning" says Helen, "despite spending many months planning the events which start and continue from the moment they enter the church." She was, she explains, compelled to write the book because no other of its type existed. "I often found myself acting as a soother, advisor and mediator. I saw an opportunity to document a way which would help to ease their worry and allow them to enjoy one of the biggest days of their life."

Encouraged by the reaction of her brides, Helen says that she's enjoyed writing 100 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Morning. She now has plans to write a follow up which will document some of her dramatic and humorous wedding morning incidents. More information about Helen Tozer's book can be found on her website and copies are now available online via Amazon UK.



Helen Tozer is a first-time author who lives in Ilminster, Somerset with her husband.  Her bridal hair styling specialty is based on her early salon training when long hair styles were popular. Apart from operating her bridal hairdressing business she also operates regular workshops for salon stylists; teaching them bridal styling techniques and long hair skills.


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